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Secure Email

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Yes, anyone can capture and read your email if they want to, especially your ISP. Do you have correspondence that really should be kept privileged? You know; sales quotes, correspondence with colleagues, lawyers, accountants etc...

My son says to his mom "Don't worry Mom, paranoia will destroy ya." Cute coming from a teenager, they have all the answers at that age!

If you don't take advice from teenagers, you need to know that secure email is very easy to obtain and to teach the people you correspond with to use. It seemed too complicated to me until someone explained it in simple to understand terms. Yes, you can read for a month about the topic, but we have done that for you.

How it works:

1. Messages you receive - You send all the people you correspond with an email message that contains a special imbedded code, which, is automatically added to their email program as your encryption code, technically this is called a "public key" because everyone you correspond with has it. Now, when they send you an email message it will be automatically encrypted using your public key. The trick is that the message can't be deciphered with that same key!!! Rather, it requires the sister key technically referred to as the "private key" which only you keep. Your email program will automatically decipher these messages.

2. Messages you send - Just the opposite, once your have the public key of the person you are sending mail to, then your email program will encrypt all messages to the associated address.

Where Do We Come In - We will be producing these KEYS for you. We guarantee that only you will have the private key. Beware - if you lose your private key, no one will be able open your email. Likewise, if you loose control of your private key, everyone will be able to read your email.

To obtain your public and private key set we require confirmation from a third party that you are who you say you are. Why? Because we don't want someone to pretend they are you and cause everyone who corresponds with you to encrypted mail that only the impostor can read. Ok, it's a little paranoid, but ... better safe than sorry. For a limited time we are offering this service at a special introductory price of $150 per key pair or $40.00 for each additional set per order plus shipping and handling. In New England we will hand deliver to assure you of no interception possibilities.

Please complete our information request form, you will be pleased you did!

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