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Browser accessible Search Engine Technology

In-house Intranet Search Engine

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Information is money. Time is money. Time spent accessing information is lost money. What if your Company could instantly access all those customer orders, time sheets, invoices, reports, correspondence, email, word processing documents, spread sheets, databases, html files, pdf files???

The same search engine technology you use to surf the world wide web is now available to access your Company's intranet!

You have already answered the same question 10 times for your employees and customers..., you just can't remember who and what the answer was. Find it fast, very fast, including synonyms.

Before you know it, you will also be scanning all those typed third party documents into your computer so that you have access to answers faster than ever.  You can even create search engine access to web sites.  Create your own browser accessible library.  Instantaneous access to valuable information using the bowser you are already accustom.

Hardware costs, if any, is dependent upon the number of documents you need to retrieve. Cost components include software, hard disk space (inexpensive these days), resource availability on your existing hardware and the necessity, if any, of single or multi-page scanners (the faster the more expensive). Typical costs for a capacity of 1.5 million documents is $6,000 for software installation and training.  Unlike the competition, NO per document licensing fees!  Obtain a free needs assessment or quotation by completing an information request form. Click here.  And yes, we can index all your document types from word processing and spreadsheets to pdf and email!

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Web Design... Still not ready for an interactive experience? Start with an effective web page and test the waters. Prices start at $225 to duplicate up to five pages of existing advertising.

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