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Online Sales

Ok, you and your company are no longer rookies. You are ready to sell over the web and can't wait to take orders!

What do you need to accomplish this? Here is where knowledge is money. There are more options than you have time to read about. Depending upon the size of your product line and the necessity for integration, the cost can range from $500 to $250,000. Who can help you make the most profitable decision for your business? How about Dana S. Beane & Company, PLLC, Certified Public Accountants and AppliedECommerce combined! That's correct, a CPA firm and computer geeks! Communication, common sense, people with impeccable reputations and credentials combined with computer engineers and html programmers to expand your company's reach on to the web.

We guarantee you succeed, because if your sales don't grow as a result of our efforts, we absorb the bulk of the costs! Click here to start or complete our Information Request Form.

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Web Design... Still not ready for an interactive experience? Start with an effective web page and test the waters. Prices start at $225 to duplicate up to five pages of existing advertising.

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