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In-House Email

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In-House Email
Wish everyone in your company knew how to use email and had their own email address? Have you noticed that ISPs charge $5 per month for each address and you want at least five generic addresses such as info@, jobs@, help@, sales@, customerservice@, etc...... Don't want to advertise to your customers and associates? Here is the math: ISP charges: 15 names at $5 per = $75 per month or $900 per year. Ok, you knew that, you were just hoping you could live with the 2 free email accounts your ISP provided you.

Depending upon the size of your company, we can get you up and running with unlimited email accounts for as little as $5 per month (paid to your ISP for a fixed IP address) and a one time installation fee of $1,194 including software and up to 8 hours of training!  Some restrictions apply due to software availability, your network software etc.... Payment terms are available.

Junk EMail
How much time are you and your employees wasting each day deleting junk email?  Over the course of a year it represent a great amount of lost productivity.  The solution is to reject junk mail before it hits your employees desks.  This is done by the use of internet subscription databases (technically referred to as Domain Name Servers - DNS) that collect the internet addresses of mail servers that are employed to send all that junk email to you.  This is not a word search filter.  The current annual subscription price for a comprehensive DNS (including open relays), also known as a real time blackhole (RBL ), is $200 per year.  Less expensive services are also available.  These specialized DNSs will more than pay for themselves by reducing wasted time everyday.  We guarantee your satifaction or your money back!

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Shift into the FAST LANE and Online Sales

Web Design ... Still not ready for an interactive experience? Start with an effective web page and test the waters. Prices start at $225 to duplicate up to five pages of existing advertising.

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