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Internet Vulnerability Testing

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How secure is your internet connection to your network or computer? Think it is pretty good? Maybe you are using a proxy server to protect your network?

Find out if you should be afraid. Ignorance on the web is not bliss!

Call or email us; we require officer level authority to probe your systems. Once we have confirmed authorization we place a call to you to confirm you are "on-line", then we start the probe remotely. Depending upon the size of your network our probe will take 10 to 50 minutes (most networks take about 20 minutes).

You can rely upon a CPA firm with 50 plus years to keep your confidences, as well as the information obtained from the probe confidential.

Interested to find out how easy it is to hack a computer or distribute viruses?
While it is far from our intention to provide you tools to "hack" into any system, we feel you should be aware of what is available online to anyone who cares to do a simple search.

The following link is to a "hacker" webpage.  Be aware, not all material on such sites is appropriate for all age groups.  We will try and keep this link updated, but as many Internet Service Providers routinely scan their web-hosting accounts for illegal sites (and we are not saying the below listed sites are illegal, simply making a generalization), and disabling or deleting those they find inappropriate.


Also, check out is a site devoted to "security information".  The link will take you to a list of hacked WebSites.  The first "site" link is a copy of the website defacement as mirrored (a copy of the site/page was retained by to show what was done after/if it was fixed.)  The second site link shows the real site as it is now.

Click here to request a Free Internet Vulnerability Assessment.

On the other hand, maybe you would sleep better not knowing if your competitors are capable of accessing your files or intercepting your correspondence.

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