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Our E-Commerce mission, executed though our affiliate, AppliedECommerce, is to bring Internet solutions to New England small businesses at affordable prices. Sticker shock in the integrated Internet application market leaves small business out of business as conglomerates invest millions to capture the Internet market. Just look at; can the local book shop or CD store compete with out a strong web presence? The answer is no.

How can the small business owner compete with these large players who have invested millions in their web presence? How can the small business owner compete with businesses that can afford to purchase $250,000 integrated Internet applications? The answer is by partnering with AppliedECommerce. We share the burdens, the risks and everyone wins an award. Surprised that someone is interested in you and your business? Don't be. Our motto since 1947 has been to accomplish what is best for our clients, even if to our disadvantage. The result, over 50 years of loyal, successful clients! Select long-term planners, select AppliedECommerce.


Are you and your employees not ready for the Internet? We recommend that you teach all those old dogs new tricks. It's really easy and before you know it everyone will know how to use a browser and email, after that it's on to publishing your own content on the web. Take our incremental approach, its painless!

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Web Page Design Still not ready for an interactive experience? Start with an effective web page and test the waters. Prices start at $225 to duplicate up to five pages of existing advertising.


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