Taxation By Design

Quality - Where Does It Come From
Taxation By Design - Engineered Results


- Since 1947 we have been demonstrating to our clients that there are significant tax savings to be realized by having experienced, year-round staff preparing tax returns. We prepare corporate (S corporations, C corporations and Cooperatives), tax exempt entity, partnership, individual, trust, and estate tax returns.

- Can you save money by having our experienced professionals prepare your tax returns? The answer is simple, if you have a business interest and/or complex investment vehicles with related transactions it certainly pays to have our staff prepare your returns. We routinely find lost opportunities and preparation errors when we review prior years returns for new clients.

Quality - Where Does It Come From

- How can a layman distinguish between qualified and unqualified preparers? This is a difficult question. We recommend that you look at the following preparer firm attributes:

1. Tax library
2. Full time or part time staff
3. Affiliations
4. Quality control procedures
5. Computer software
There is also a simple answer, if you or your preparer thinks taxation is filling out forms, you need to educate yourself BIG TIME, read on.......

Taxation By Design - Engineered Results

Taxation - What is it really?

For our firm, taxation means transaction design and implementation, not filling out forms! Strategic transaction design and implementation can save millions, and that is what we are all about.

Here are just a few samples of our transaction design and implementation capabilities.

S corporation versus C corporation decision analysis The most important decision in the life of a corporation! Expect the wrong decision to cost you no less than 1/3 at liquidation as well as lost fringe benefits, lost deductions to shareholders, limited pension provisions and more.
Deferred compensation planning Ok, you don't have the correct type of corporation, here is a cure for malpractice.
Like - Kind Exchanges For investment and business property that you are replacing, this technique can save tens of thousands. We can set you up with a qualified intermediary and all the necessary agreements to properly qualify for this transaction. Buying first before you sell? We have a solution for qualifying so called "reverse exchanges" whereby you sell the old property after acquiring the new.
Compensation with Stock Options including Incentive Stock Options Stock options are really cool. Employees get paid based upon the company's stock value and the company with little or no cash gets a deduction for the value of the stock, including restricted stock. Best thing since sliced cheese!
Estate and Trust Planning Many people don't realize that over half of their net worth will be delivered to Uncle Sam upon their death. Uncle Sam is likely to be your primary heir. Pay now, or pay dearly later. The nightmare stories you hear about are true! Learn why and what you do to retain for your intended heirs what you built over a life time.
Limited Liability Company A flexible organization structure based upon State law permitting corporate, partnership or sole proprietor taxation alternatives. Create your own on-line, free!



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