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We have been preparing tax returns utilizing computerized software since the Tax Reform Act of 1986. No, not the same system all these years; we have tested and jumped every time there was a better product. We utilize the industry's most comprehensive, and unfortunately the most expensive, tax preparation software available in the USA. It does the not-so-routine, like multiple entity at-risk basis limitations, alternative minimum attribute carryover tracking, research and development credits, non-resident tax returns, foreign tax credits, annualization of income to avoid underpayment penalties, installment sales with detailed payment history, IRA penalty waivers, net operating loss carryovers, married versus single filing analysis and much much more........

Combine the best tax preparation software with the most experienced tax staff and you have CAPABILITY to save you money. Our staff understands TAXATION, and uses that knowledge on every client to reduce their taxes to the minimum due under the law. We fail if we don't earn our fees and return you a dividend. For example, you sell the real estate gifted to you by your uncle. Our team knows how to research the history of the property to determine the correct tax basis. It takes time, but the result can be very valuable. Ignorance of tax laws in tax preparation is not bliss; it may cost you a little, but a lot in taxes. It's your decision, save money on a preparer and pray he knows what he is doing, or do your homework, determine which firm really understands the taxation laws affecting your transactions and trust them to earn their keep. You know, penny-wise pound-foolish!

CLICK HERE to download our personal tax preperation interview software.



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