Question: How did you prepare our tax returns?

First, all of  our professionals are full time and receive a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education annually. Our President, Scott Beane, annually attends the AICPA tax division hearings in Washington, D.C. every spring to make sure our clients are not surprised by tax law changes.

Second, we maintain one of the most complete tax libraries in New England comprised of four separate subscriptions, CD-ROM and landmark tax cases back to Volume 1, 1913. Accordingly, when you ask questions you can rest assured that our solutions and transaction designs are authoritative. It's not surprising that we are batting 1,000 in federal and state tax dispute resolution.

Third, your tax return preparer utilizes one of the most thorough computer software packages available to assist him or her in completing your returns accurately and quickly. However, our experience is that there is no substitute for the knowledgeable and experienced tax expert.

Fourth, your tax returns are reviewed by another tax professional who performs what we refer to as a "content review", which includes a review for accuracy, application of tax law and most importantly, opportunities to reduce your tax bill. Suggestions then go back to the preparer for consideration and are returned again to the content reviewer. For the most complex of returns this cycle can be repeated several times as issues develop and are resolved.

Fifth, your tax returns are copied, collated and a transmittal letter with instructions is prepared.

Lastly, there is a final review and signature where the most experienced of us searches for problems and opportunities that might have been missed by the preparer or content reviewer. There is no rubber stamp here.

The results, the best accuracy record in our profession with an average error of one per year in all the hundreds we prepare.

We encourage you to meet with us to discuss your return now or after April 15th. The rest of the year we assist our personal clients with Estate and Trust tax planning, business decision making, transaction design, accounting systems, investment selection and IRS and State audits.

Since 1947 our philosophy in preparing personal tax returns is to earn money for our clients by saving them taxes. Quality is not old fashioned, it's what our clients expect and what we demand of ourselves.

Welcome to Dana S. Beane & Company, PLLC, we are pleased to serve you.  


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