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Welcome to our audio news letter, please let us know what topics you would like to hear and we will attempt to include them in a future issue.  For timely email notification of new audio newsletter titles add your email address to our interested listener list!

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Most Current Topics

Personal Financial Planning 4min:07sec - How to go about preparing your own personal financial plan to assist you in financing retirement, college and debt repayment.

Post Year End Tax Planning 4min:12sec - Post year end tax planning for individuals, including credits, retirement contributions, and itemized deductions.

Capital Gain Tax Planning 3min:30sec - Including deemed sale elections and rate changes commencing in 2001.

Employee Versus Independent Contractors4min:33sec - IRS facts and circumstances tests to determine if independent contractors should be employees, safe harbors (Sec 530) and related penalties for miss classification.

Estate Planning Tools 5min:02sec - Describes life insurance trusts, generation skipping trusts, charitable lead and remainder trust as well as Roth IRAs and retirement account beneficiary designations.

Higher Education Credits 2min:30sec - Short description of the "life time learning" and "hope scholarship" credits and the use of educational IRAs.

2001 SSA Announcement 1min:35sec - Changes to wage taxation base and maximum benefits for 2001.

Entity Selection Tax Planning5min:24sec - Business primer describing taxation differences of C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), proprietorships and personal service corporations.  Also includes basics of accounting methods and reasonable compensation paid to related parties.



Small Businesses May Now Elect Cash Basis Method 3min:23sec - Even businesses with inventories can annually elect to use the cash method of accounting if average sale are less than 1 million, BIG Tax Savings Here.

Avoid Home Business Pitfalls 5min:00sec - This audio article discuss some over looked issues when setting up a home business.

FAQ on IRA Rollovers and One Method of IRA Estate Tax Planning  4min:57sec - This audio article includes a great method to devising your IRA as well as the basics of rollovers.

Power of Attorney Needs to Specifically Refer to Gifts 2min:40sec - Review of a resent tax case.

Easy Business Use the Web Saves Money 1min:45sec - Not ready for the web, what if it saves your business money?

Saving Money When Purchasing Equipment 2min:06sec - Purchasing or leasing of equipment and tax implications.

Tax Rules on Renting Your Vacation Home 9min:15sec - Tax implications when you have personal and/or rental use of a vacation home.

Saving for College 10min:51sec- Saving for College with Qualified State Tuition Programs, Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs.

Dependency Exemption in Divorce Situations 3min:22sec - Form 1040 Dependency exemption in a divorce situation normally flows to the custodial parent. However, utilizing form 8332 it can be transferred to the noncustodial parent.

Donations to Charity - Valuation and Reporting Issues 4min:04sec - This audio article describes valuation and reporting of in-kind donation to charitable organizations.

Business Record Keeping 4min:45sec - This audio article describes general use and IRS documentation requirements for business.

Reference Source for Social Security and Medicare Information 1min:39sec - This audio article describes where to obtain social security and medicare information.

Not So Typical Deductible Medical Expenses 4min:51sec - This audio article describes not so typical deductible medical expenses as well as expenses you can not deduct.

Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions 7min:16sec - This audio article describes deductions for work related employee, investment and other miscellaneous itemized deductions.

Nanny Tax - Household Employees 2min:46sec - This audio article describes the so called Nanny tax. You are required to pay employment tax for household employees.

What You Need to Know About Retirement Plan Distributions 8min:00sec - This audio article describes the taxation of distributions from IRAs, premature distribution penalty exceptions, other retirement plan distribution and excess accumulations tax penalties.

Business Research Tax Credit, Federal Income Tax on Children and Retirement Tax Tip For Self Employed 4min:15sec - This audio article briefly describes Business Research Tax Credit, Federal Income Tax on Children and Retirement Tax Tip For Self Employed

Deducting Business Use of Your Home 9min:25sec - This audio article describes rules for deducting business use of one residence.

Year 2000 Standard Business Mileage Rate and 2000 Social Security Wage Base 2min:07sec - This audio article describes year 2000 standard mileage rate for business vehicle use and the year 2000 standard mileage rate for business vehicle use.

US Economic Picture August 20003min:48sec - Covering the FOMC, productivity, oil, consumer spending and budget surplus.



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