TECHNOLOGY TO THE RESCUE!  Access the worlds largest on-line market place where tens of millions of buyers shop for items just like yours, one person's junk is another's treasure.  The days of yard sales and flea markets are over, rather than only a dozen or so buyers, now you can access a market of millions!


We will photograph or scan your items, auction them on Ebay, ship and remit to you the proceeds less our fees as described below.  No hassles and you are assured of receiving a true fair market value in the largest market ever accessible to the general public.  The buyer pays for item before it is shipped so you don't have to worry about being paid.  All shipping costs are paid by the buyer including insurance.

Negotiable Fee Structure:

Ten items or less, no reserve:  $50.00 per item plus 15% of sale price.

Ten items or less, with reserve: $75.00 per item plus 20% of sale price.

More than ten items, no reserve:  $50.00 per item not to exceed $1,800 plus 15% of sale price.

More than ten items, with reserve:  $75.00 per item not to exceed $2,200 plus 20% of sale price.

Buyer pays any miscellaneous out of pocket fees including credit card charges (currently there are none for most small items but this is subject to change, we suggest you budget 2%), ebay auction fees including insertion fees, final value fees, credit requests,  re-listing etc.. click here for details (in general they are quite small) and return shipping costs.

We reserve the right to refuse to list items including illegal or adult items.

We travel anywhere in New Hampshire and will also accept descriptions and listing by mail or email outside of this travel area.

For an appointment please email us or refer to our contact us page, you will be pleased you did!



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