Consulting and Controllership Functions

We can provide technical support and strategic business decision assistance to businesses with and without controllers.

Some business are at that awkward stage when they can't afford (starting salaries are $50k to $75k for a qualified person if you can find one) or don't need a full time controller.

Yet that is precisely the time when objective financial analysis is most needed. As the entrepreneur your time is usually better spent selling product or managing production. You don't have the time to implement internal controls and verify that transactions are properly recorded.

Some of the questions we can help answer:

  • Should you buy or lease new equipment?
  • What are the underlying economics of two competing insurance proposals?
  • What is break-even at different levels of production or sales?
  • What is your inventory turn and how does it compare with others in your business?
  • Are you in compliance with IRS and other regulations?
  • Should you buyout a competitor and if so, for how much?
  • How should employees be classified to save workers compensation insurance costs?
  • Can Quickbooks help keep your records in order?
  • Does it make sense to refinance?
  • Is it time for Junior to come into the business? What are reasonable expectations?

We are experienced at providing controllership functions and it can be far less expensive than hiring one of your own. Why pay for 100% when all you really need is 15%?

We have references you can check out, please contact us. Since we deal with so many businesses and have done so for over fifty years, you will benefit from all those differing perspectives and lessons learned. We probably won't be able to improve your Seafood Chowder receipe if you're in the restaurant business, but we have a pretty good idea of what your food costs should look like. We specialize in solving the problems faced by small and not so small businesses. Work smarter, work with the most experienced people you can find, you will be glad you did!

Since 1947, the professionals at Dana S. Beane & Company, PLLC have provided objective, reliable and imaginative accounting, tax and consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients. Our team has first-hand experience with a variety of closely held businesses in such fields as construction and real estate; machinery, technology and manufacturing; broadcasting; distributor wholesale and retail trades; the professions (medical and legal); marinas; and institutions such as hospitals, local governments, and health and welfare organizations. We've also advised many individuals from entrepreneurs and executives to retirees and investors.

We are a 50+ year young professional company and we thrive on difficult work. So please, take a closer look at our services...



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