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Accounting, Auditing, Review and Compilation of Financial Statements

CPAs offer three primary levels of service relating to financial statements in addition to assisting our clients in preparing such statements. This service provides readers of financial statements with an independent opinion as the reliability of the statements. Banks, creditors, investors and owners risk their capital, and before doing so utilize CPAs to provide assurance as to the integrity of the financial statements upon which their decisions are, in part, predicated upon.

Financial statements, in general, are comprised of four components: Balance sheet, Income statement, statement of cash flows and footnotes.

No matter the level of service, compilation, review or audit, the financial statements should appear identical to the reader.

Accordingly, we simply attach a different opinion that states the level of assurance, if any, the reader may rely upon.

For a sample of unqualified opinions, refer to the following links:


Question: Is it possible for you to issue an opinion on only parts of my financial statements?

Answer: In general, yes. Attestation standards permit us to perform "selected procedures" to meet just your specific needs. For example, if your lending institution is concerned about inventory, we can provide cost effective assurance that your inventory level is accurate. Additionally, we frequently receive requests from organizations that require only specific audit tests, such as tracing of disbursements to supporting documentation. It's a cost effective mechanism to purchase just what you need.

We have experience with a large variety of business and institutions. Click here  to see a listing.

Question: Why are audits so expensive?

Answer: The short answer is that between the SEC and our self regulating body (the AICPA et al) our industry has over regulated and ruled to the point of making audits of all but SEC companies and large institutions unaffordable. Not so smart!


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