Sec 469(c)(7)  Real Estate Professional - Tracking Smart Phone Software

Here's the smartest of the smart cell phone tracking systems we recommend for creating a log of real estate business activity.  It is from a company called "MobileSpy" and marketed by Avangate.

As we have warned you, the US Tax Court in numerous cases has required contemporaneous logs documenting daily business activity, by the hour.  In brief, in order for losses to be deducted, one must document 750 hours of real estate business involvement and for those with rental real estate, they must also document the lesser of 500 hours, or more than any other person.  We believe the following cell phone software will provide an extensive amount of logs which can be be used to meet this substantiation requirement.

Links to lease terms (fees range from $20 per month to $100 per year):

12 Months

6 Months

3 Months

1 Month

Feature list is very extensive and includes ability to download a log that includes associated pictures and with as many time point GPS coordinates tagged on a map.  For those on the road a great deal, the log should be invaluable documentation of start and stop times of business activity in a "show and tell" with pictures and maps format.



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