Estate Planning Techniques

Ok, you don't want the US Government to inherit 38% to 55% or more of the wealth you have built up with more sweat, work and risk than anyone but a successful entrepreneur could understand. Considering the US throws multimillion dollar missiles at $50k buildings, almost any other investment will return more positive results.

Fundamentally, the estate tax planning techniques are divided into the following general methods which quickly become complex:

1. Gifting - Reduction of assets by gifting them out of ones ownership
2. Rate Shifting - Utilizing unified credit of others including ones spouse by shifting asset to that individual.
3. Valuation - Reduction in the value of existing assets.

Listing of Estate Tax Planning Techniques:

Qualified Principal Residence Trust (including 2nd residences)
Present Interest Gift - Out Right to Spouse or others
Education Exception
Uniform Gifts to Minors until age 18
Gifts In trust to minors until age 21 (see continuation provisions)
Gifts In trust utilizing Crummey Power Trust
Gifts Utilizing Contingent Beneficiary Crummey Power Trusts
Gifts To Spouse utilizing Qualified Terminal Interest Property (QTIP)
Family Partnerships and Corporations
Charitable Gifting - Charitable Remainder Trusts
Life Insurance Trusts
Intentionally Income Tax Defective Trusts
Family Sale Leaseback Transactions
Family Installment Sales
Interest Free Loans
Private Annuities
Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
Pooled Income Funds - Overview
Gifting utilizing Qualified State Tuition Program

We design, tailor and implement to your individual and family needs an estate tax plan utilizing the above techniques. Chance are you won't need to make that $10k plus payment per year to the life insurance company either.  Estate tax planning pays very BIG; contact us, you and your heirs will be very pleased you did.




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