The following web sites have helpful information regarding eldercare:

     ☻ - has helpful contacts in New Hampshire such as Medicare, State Health Insurance Assistance Program, and Social Security, general information about alternatives to nursing home care including specific information about Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly and Social Health Maintainance Organizations, and a listing of prescription drug assistance programs in New Hampshire.   There are programs for specific conditions or diseases and programs which different pharmaceutical companies provide.

     ☻ - has a geographic listing of Home Health Agencies, assisted living, nursing homes, and hospice along with a checklist for choosing a nursing home or home health agency

     ☻  - has a summary of NH Medicaid law in a readable format (not legalese)

     ☻ - has publications such as A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance (which has a list of Insurance Companies authorized to sell long-term care policies in New Hampshire) and 2002 Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare

     ☻ - has an overview regarding funerals in New Hampshire

     ☻ - has a list of questions to ask before prepaying for a funeral

     ☻ - has some consumer stories (not necessarily NH consumers) about funerals which had some good points. 




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