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Welcome to Dana S. Beane & Company, PLLC, Certified Public Accountants

Since 1947, we have been providing businesses and their owners strategic decision making assistance, designing and implementing transactions that incrementally build wealth. Business tax matters are not numbers to us, rather they represent the lives of many and are deserving of our extraordinary care, expertise and prompt attention.

This web site is devoted to informing you of the talents we bring to bear every day for our clients and how we can assist you in your financial decision making.

Businesses and their owners have distinct needs that vary from startup planning, acquisition, financing, sale, retirement, estate planning and trust design. We understand what it takes to succeed - more sweat, work and risk than anyone but a successful entrepreneur can comprehend. Work smart, hire the best; there is no time for anything but experience.

We provide all the services you might expect from a CPA firm, plus extensive expertise in numerous taxation areas including estate, trust and gift taxation, foreign transaction compliance such as tax exempt domestic international sale corporations, sophisticated derivative partnership equity structuring and taxation using LLCs. Foremost, our clients succeed by leveraging our unique abilities for problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration with their own expertise.

Anyone truly looking out for your business interest? Our firm's philosophy since 1947 is admittedly old fashion; Do what is in the best interest of the client, particularly when contrary to our own short term financial interest. That philosophy has created relationships lasting generations. It is not a motto, it's daily practice.



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